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Invisalign vs Traditional Braces – Which is better?

For many years the public has debated whether braces or Invisalign is better. We are here to offer you the cold hard facts about each! Then, you can decide what you think is best for yourself! Invisalign When Invisalign was introduced it almost seemed too good to be true. The concept of having straight teeth without ever being called “brace-face” or “metal mouth” was appealing to many people. Here is how it is designed to work:  Pieces of composite material will be strategically placed on certain teeth, then, trays that are custom to your mouth will be made in conjunction…

Tips on how to stop grinding your teeth

Teeth grinding or bruxism is a condition that happens to many people, knowing or unknowingly. It is a habit that is very difficult to break. Although many of them do not experience significant symptoms from it, bruxism can lead to numerous dental problems including unexplained jaw pain and loose teeth. Hence, as soon as you realise you grind your teeth, there are steps you should take to stop doing it. Stress Management Stress is known to be the main reason why some people end up grinding their teeth at night. While little can be done to eliminate stress altogether, there…


One of the many questions dentists get asked is "WHY IS MY WISDOM TOOTH HURTING???" A typical full set of adult dentition consists of 32 teeth, of which four of them are those infamous PESKY LITTLE BUGGERS called the WISDOM TEETH. The wisdom teeth are normally found at the very back of the four corners of your mouth. They are also the very last adult teeth to emerge from the gums. Being the little brother of the dental family, they are almost always known for the disruptive and mischievous behaviour that brings about extreme pain and agony to their MASTER,…
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