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Is Scaling & Polishing supposed to be a painless procedure?

This is the most confusing and debatable question I've seen in my 14 years of experience as a dentist or even before I became a dentist. Patients judge their dentists by evaluating the scaling and polishing treatment experience (because this is the most common and regular service that everyone needs). So, to the patients -> Painful experience = No Good; Painless = Excellent. Well, is that really true? Is the dentist who rendered painless service to you definitely the best dentist? And the dentist who caused you some pain surely a bad guy? Are you sure? I have been practising as…

Stop Chewing Ice!!

Are you or someone you know guilty of chewing on ice? It might seem innocent enough like drinking water, especially in the sweltering heat of the tropical weather in Malaysia, but did you know it could cause gum and tooth damage? Here's a quick breakdown from our dentist at Uptown Dental Surgery. Why you shouldn't chew ice: Chewing on ice can cause gum injury and possible recession Chewing on ice and the temperature changes can cause fractures in tooth enamel and broken teeth Chewing on ice can cause brackets to come off for orthodontic patients with braces and shifting of…

Cone Beam CT Imaging (3D Xray)

In the early 20th Century, not long after X-rays were discovered, medical professionals recognized their value as diagnostic tools: They could clearly reveal structures hidden inside the body without the need for risky surgery. At the dawn of the 21st century, a revolutionary new technology has entered the diagnostic arena. Today, Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) promises to change the way many dental problems are diagnosed and treated. Cone Beam CT has some similarities with conventional X-rays, and also with the standard CT scans you would get in a hospital setting. But it's a quantum leap forward in technology and…

Tips for Dealing With Dental Anxiety

Afraid of the dentist? You aren’t alone. Many avoid the dentist altogether because of fear or anxiety and as many as 70% may go to the dentist only when something is wrong, avoiding vital preventive care. Two-thirds of the patients have had a bad experience, the remaining third may have anxiety disorders or post traumatic stress. Some people are so afraid they will panic just driving or walking past a dentists’ office. However, dental phobia can result in people not seeking proper care – and in addition to tooth loss, this can result in an elevated risk of heart disease, stroke,…
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