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A little about our dentist, Dr. Sia Chee Khoon

Let’s share with you a little bit more about our dentist, Dr Sia Chee Khoon.

Dr Sia is the sole dentist at Uptown Dental Surgery. He was conferred with the Bachelor of Dental Surgery at the University of Adelaide, Australia in the year of 2004. After spending five years practising quality dentistry at one of the top dental institution in Australia, he then decided to return to his beloved homeland in Malaysia.

Dr Sia is a firm believer in life-long continuous learning. Dr Sia mastered the art of dental implants after completing the Certificate of Dental Implantology at University of Frankfurt, Germany in 2008. He later went on to acquire new skills in dental braces after receiving training in Orthodontics (Dental Braces) from the Progressive Orthodontics Group (USA).

Dr Sia’s latest pursue of interest is in Advance Soft Tissue Surgery. In 2017, he completed a 3-module Advance Soft Tissue Masterclass under the guidance of a world renowned gum specialist from the University of Michigan, USA.

Apart from equipping himself with new skills, Dr Sia is also continuously on the look out to harness various advancement in new technology to assist him in both diagnosis and treatment planning. He generously reinvest in his clinic setup by purchasing the latest state-of-the-art equipment and tools to deliver the best treatment modality for his patients.

Did you know that Dr Sia’s clinic is one of the first clinic in Malaysia to be equipped with the CBCT machine, or more commonly known as 3D Xray? With the adoption of this new technology, he has been able to perform dental treatment with improved safety, quality and precision.

Dr Sia is always passionate in delivering dental treatment of the highest quality to his clients using the latest dental technology. He gets fascinated to see how these improvements in health sciences help to create better dental results on his patients. He also believes good oral health is the key to self-confidence and great social presentation. His passion for work therefore, of course is to create the best smiles for his clients =)

Interesting fact: Did you know that Dr Sia had actually wanted to become a professional baker in his younger days? He had always envisioned himself running a bakery making delicious breads and puffs. (Yup, yup! He loves breads! tamjiak.. LOL. :p )

It was not until he met his family dentist that changed Dr Sia’s negative perception towards dentistry. His family dentist was a calm person that never made him feel uncomfortable while on the dental chair. It was him that made Dr Sia believe that contrary to popular beliefs, dental treatment can be a pleasant and relatively pain-free experience. From then onwards, Dr Sia had wanted to become a dentist like him.

Dr Sia is now well-known as a friendly, caring and gentle dentist. Patients who come and see him would always comment that he has a pair of gentle hands that make them feel very comfortable and at ease.

Well done Dr Sia and thank you very much for being a great dentist!


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